Whitteker Bus Lines offers several tips to students while waiting for the bus, on the bus and exiting the bus.  These tips include:

Rules for Getting on the Bus Safely

  • Be at the stop on time. Never run to or from the bus.
  • Wait at your designated stop in a safe place, well back from the side of the road.
  • Remember never to stand in the danger zone that surrounds the bus. The danger zone is anywhere close enough for you to touch the bus. The bus driver cannot see you when you are in the danger zone.
  • If you need to cross the street to get on the bus, always wait until the bus has come to a complete stop. Look for the stop arm to come out and for the flashing red lights. Watch the driver. When the driver is assured that all traffic has stopped he/she will signal for you to cross the street – but continue to watch for traffic yourself. Always walk, don’t run.
  • Hold the handrail as you get on the bus. Do not push or shove.

Driver Certification

  • The legal requirements for becoming a licensed school bus driver are very demanding: between 30 – 35 minimum mandatory instructional hours of specialized training is followed by written exams and a road test in a bus;
  • Driving records are reviewed and regular medical examinations are required;
  • Every driver must complete certified driver improvement courses, as well as know traffic laws and safety procedures thoroughly. Periodic re-evaluations by their employer keep the school vehicle drivers aware of Board requirements.

Rules for Safe School Bus Riding

  • Take your seat promptly and sit properly, facing forward at all times.
  • Place bags and parcels under your seat or on your lap.
  • Keep the aisle and the emergency exits of the bus clear at all times.
  • Always keep your head, hands and arms inside the bus.
  • Never throw objects inside or outside of the bus.
  • Talk quietly. The bus driver needs to concentrate to safely drive the bus.
  • Never fight, shout, or use obscene language at any time.
  • Be absolutely quiet when approaching a railroad crossing.
  • Do not bring dangerous, disturbing or annoying objects onto the bus.
  • Eating and drinking is not allowed on school buses at any time. This rule protects students/driver that have food allergies and anaphylaxis, prevents choking and maintains bus cleanliness.
  • Smoking is not allowed on the bus.
  • Always follow the bus driver’s instructions.

Rules for Leaving the Bus Safely

  • Remain in the seat until the bus comes to a complete stop.
  • If everyone is getting off the bus, the people at the front of the bus leave first. Do not push.
  • Always make sure that drawstrings and other loose objects are secure before getting off the bus so that they do not get caught on the handrail or door of the bus.
  • When you leave the bus, hold the handrail as you get off the bus and take two large steps away from the bus.
  • To cross the street in front of the bus, walk ahead at least 10 giant steps (3 metres). Cross only when the driver gives a signal. Proceed across the street in a single file, looking both ways for on-coming traffic.
  • Always cross the street in front of the bus, never go behind the bus.
  • If you drop something near the bus, in the danger zone, NEVER, NEVER stop to pick it up, tell an adult.